Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Important is Focus?

I got a call today from a woman who just found out she is pregnant. I love those calls. Not as much as a woman loves the call from her doctor or the "stick" that tells her she is pregnant, but a close second.

She told me that she hadn't realized how much she had been focusing on "infertility" and that when she started becoming more conscious of her focus, she could feel the shift in her. And then, boom.....she gets pregnant. And here is the of her tubes is blocked, so she only had the other side to work with in trying to conceive. Well, she actually got pregnant on the blocked side this month.

She asked me if I think that it's possible for a tube to "unblock". I said that I think anything is possible and that something happened here because she got pregnant. I've seen a lot of things like this over the last 12yrs. Witnessing these kinds of things kind of melts skepticism over time.

All I can say is that if you're still awaiting fertility, don't give up. Try and focus on possibility. Try and tip your energy system (your thoughts, emotions, words, actions) in favor of fertility and if you're not sure how to do that....let yourself learn!! My Fertility Success e-book continues to support women all over the world in getting pregnant. I receive messages every week that someone else is pregnant because they learned how to "tip their scales" in favor of fertility. I want to get a message from you too.

Fertile Blessings,

Laurie Morse, L.Ac.